Placement Criteria

Placement Criteria

  •  Age: ISB considers the year of birth of the student, as well as the number of years of school they have attended.


  • English Language Proficiency: As all learning and teaching takes place in English, ISB assesses English language proficiency to ensure appropriate grade allocation. In some cases placement may be under condition of additional support in EAL at the family’s expense.  In MYP 1-3 (grades 7-9) students are expected to have an age-appropriate level of literacy and oral fluency in the English language (usually CEFR B1), from MYP 4 upwards usually CEFR B2. If a student is below the level, a personalised programme is set up, including tutoring at the expense of the family. Refer to ISB Language Policy.


  •  Previous school records: Previous school records are consulted to help guide grade allocation. On occasions ISB may request to contact the previous school where school records are not available or where more information is required.


  •  Placement tests: ISB also uses placement tests to assess Mathematics and English levels from Grade 4 upwards. Italian placement tests may also be used.


  •  Available spaces in the grade:  If there is no space in the appropriate class, the student will be put on a waiting list and if appropriate a space in the grade below may be offered in the meantime

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